Double Lock Your UPVC doors For Safety

UPVC doors not only act as a shield to all weather conditions but also prove to enhance the value of your home. They have an unmatched longevity along with a variety of glass features. Different types of UPVC doors, door handles and attractive letter plates are sure to attract burglars to your house. This risk calls making your UPVC door safer.

There is a general notion among people that shutting the door and pulling up the door handle locks the UPVC door completely and withholds any unwanted access. In actual, for the door to be completely locked for safety, the handle has to be pushed upwards to involve more bolts for the safety purpose. The door then has to be locked by the key.

When the doors are not with the key, burglars can easily make use of the five-pin mechanism of locking to unlock the door and trespass. If the doors are not double locked, all the burglar has to do is push open the door using a screwdriver and then push something from the letterbox so that the handle pushes down. A double lock of the UPVC door ensures safety and security of no trespassing.

After you lock the door, take out the key from the lock and put it somewhere safe. Avoid placing the key in places where it can be easily accessible and used to unlock the door to your house. Ensure that your family knows about where the key is placed so that they can have access to it in case of emergency.

At times, some burglars break in even when people are present in the house. It is better to keep your safety in mind and check the back and front doors for lock even when you are inside your home. A home without proper security may affect your house insurance for theft and burglary. Keep your UPVC doors double locked and ensure safety.