Enhance the Security of UPVC Windows with Additional Equipments

UPVC windows allow considerable set of properties and features to homes and conservatories. They have been used with fervour for conservatories in UK which means that these windows need to be embellished with additional security in order to render safety and protection to the housing structures. Given the popularity of the windows, additional set of safety features have been hitting the markets making it easier for more people to select these windows with a sense of relief. The following security additions could be the perfect solution for boosting the security of your homes.

Push Button Window Handle

This is precisely a second lock that cannot be opened even if the handle of the window is unlocked. This elegant and highly-efficient feature is capable of preventing break-ins while also ensuring that you have locked the windows properly.

Anti-Jemmy Brackets

The hinged portion of the UPVC windows is more prone to an attack, which means that you would require some strong equipment to prevent a burglar from breaking in. A jemmy bracket is capable of protecting the hinged side of the windows, thus perfecting the safety of the windows better. When the bracket is fit between the window frame and the hinges, you are actually preventing your hinges from vulnerability. Furthermore, it also ensures that you do not face any trouble with the closing and opening of windows.

Cockspur handles

Another of the probable solution for bettering the security of your homes could be the use of cockspur handles for the UPVC windows. These handles ensure that the handle of the window is rendered extra safety from outward pulling. Although these handles were introduced a long time back, they are still capable of impressing with safety of homes.

Window Jammers

Last of the equipments that could be used for enhancing the safety of the UPVC windows are the window jammers. The fitting is easy and they pave the way to prevent any effect from jemmying devices.