Foldable and Sliding UPVC doors

The demand for folding sliding doors has been rising since last three years. This growth in demand has led to a wider choice for the consumers when they plan to buy a new door for their house. These doors are also called as bi-folding doors or multi-fold doors. The name of these doors has been derived from their opening action, sliding. Sliding doors save space and offer unrestricted opening of up to six meters because the door panels slide or just fold as layers and get stacked to one side or both the sides.
Sliding doors are available in timber, aluminum, and UPVC material. Sliding UPVC doors are excellent replacement doors for your current French or Patio doors. Sliding doors can transform your entry, exit to a room in your house, or simply transform your main entrance to the house. Such doors styles are fast gaining popularity among those who are extending their houses by building a conservatory touching the outside with the inside.
UPVC sliding doors are priced comparatively low in the market if compared with aluminum or timber material sliding doors. Due to this reason, door manufacturers have quickly adapted to the new style of doors that is becoming the first choice many households. Their growing popularity is because these doors allow unobstructed and wider natural light to come into the house. The larger glass area also helps in minimizing heating costs during winters by trapping solar heat and not letting it escape out. This keeps the home warm naturally.
Some manufacturers have also started introducing a newer level of UPVC sliding doors that use slimmer profiles. These doors have concealed gears that can be compared with doors made of aluminum or timber. In addition, the UPVC material is much greener than any other material used for making stylish sliding doors.