Replacing the Old Wooden Windows with UPVC Windows

If you are considering replacing your old wooden framed windows, the UPVC windows are a great addition to your homes. However, while committing the change, people often make a number of mistakes that could cost them heavily. For removing your wooden windows, you should start with the vents. This would give you enough space to work on the hinges as well as the frame and it would stop the frame from falling. For ensuring that you do not break the window glass, make sure that the frame is still holding onto the nail bar. Furthermore, your next step would be the removal of the glass panes. You can start this with pushing the glass panes on at a time but make sure that you do not remove the top segment.

Once you have successfully removed the glass, make sure that you have removed the glazing beads of the UPVC windows. Use your tools for installing the kit for removing the vents so that the hinges fit well with the vents. Fit the sill into the frame. The UPVC structure is quite flexible and offers you great strength as well. Also make sure that you do wedge the nails and saw through the frame’s top. This gives you enough main opening when you need to dislodge the bricks in the future. Screw through holes that have been provided with the window frame. Good windows come with beads which ensure safety of your homes. The best feature with the UPVC windows is that there are beads on the inside which prevent easy removal of the frames from the outside thus preventing any theft attempts.

Ensure that you are installing the glazing gasket as this is known to preserve the heat to your conservatories or rooms. When adjusted rightly, your UPVC windows render your homes virtually weather proof.