Bow and bay UPVC windows in your home

The UPVC bow and bay window is the attractive feature of the home making room look much larger than its actual size. The UPVC windows in the home make the home energy efficient and with bow and bay UPVC windows, you get added advantage of low maintenance with varied style options.

The enhanced security features in the bow and bay windows make it a popular choice of the homeowner. One of the notable features is that the low maintenance UPVC windows are fully compliant with the new building regulations. These windows offer insulation from heat and noise with their low “E” double glazed 28mm units of the bow and bay windows. The double draught proof profile of the weatherproof bow and bay windows makes them comfortable throughout the year with changing weather conditions.

The new building regulation approves the load bearing bow and bay windows, which are covered by FENSA. Earlier the bow and bay windows were constructed by structural bay pole assemblies but according to new norms, the load bearing bay pole jacks are fitted in the bay pole assembly kit through external sill. This extra addition provides structural support from brickwork under the window to the aperture head.

The flat fitted windows can be easily converted into the bow and bay windows and the installed windows will look like a part of the original building. You can have non-standard window shapes with bow and bay windows from round to square bays. Homeowner can have special shaped windows that include triangular circular and round. One can get customised bow and bay windows tailor made specifically for the customers.

Another remarkable feature is that the homeowner can have full window designed that will compliment both home and lifestyle.