Choose The Right Lock For Your Upvc Door

When it is about the security of our home, we want every key measure to be taken care properly so that our home remains safe from intruders. Talking about the security of home, choosing door locks cannot be overlooked.  As homeowners, we want to be assured that not only the right kind of UPVC door to be installed but also the door lock should be of the right choice to ensure home safety.

If you are also planning to replace the old doors with UPVC doors, a wide variety of doors are available equipped with different types of locks. Some of the notable door locks count in:

1)      Hook- Lock: This type of lock allows hooking bolt into the keep when you close the door. One of the notable features of hook locks are they are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. These are best suitable for entryway doors that do not require much of access or exit.

2)      Deadbolt Locks: These are rightly termed as deadlocks for offering a greater level of security. This type of lock in available in two styles namely single and double cylinder. Out of two, double cylinder is more secured as compared to single cylinder as the key is required from both sides to open the door.

3)      Combination Locks:  These are the highly technologically advanced locks today used for UPVC doors. The front of each lock contains a panel that has a numbered keypad. These locks use a magnetic mechanism and to enter, it requires correct combination on the keypad. These are considered the best locks, as they are hassle free from any key or lock.  With commercial buildings, combination locks are gaining grounds for residential buildings too.

So, when deciding upon the right kind of UPVC door, do not limit your search to finding the right kind of doors but also ensure that you install the best lock on your UPVC doors.