Classic UPVC Doors- Bring on Elegance to Home

Selecting the classic range of UPVC doors adds elegance to one’s residential property. The classic doors with modern benefits make them a favorable choice of the homeowner. Bring along the classic look to your home with the use of classic UPVC doors. The eye pleasing classic door designs are traditional in look yet have the benefits of 21st century door range.

The practical composite material classic doors are energy efficient, sturdy and demand very low maintenance. The tantalising colour and glazing options further add life into the classic door range. The tough, Class-A safety glass in the classic UPVC doors add to the strength of the door. Being the energy efficient material, it lowers the heating costs of the space while keep the heat in and draught out from the room.

The composite construction material used for installing the classic door adds security, strength and looks. When it comes to cleaning, the classic doors require minimal cleaning never need painting so need to worry about maintenance. The classic doors are crack -free, flake and chip so do not need any quick replacement. A wide range of decorative panels, tasteful finishes and door options make it classic door astounding in look.

The security features of classic UPVC doors conform to all British standards of security. The tempered safety glass adds to the security of the classic door. These doors are meticulously tested to withstand any attempted break-instep classic doors and are manufactured by the latest composite material to offer the strongest defence to your home against harsh elements and intruders.

With multi point locking system in classic doors you will feel safer in your home. You can add other security features in the classic doors like throw bolts, peep holes and security chains.

The classic designs of classic UPVC doors can be customised to personalise the door. The classic doors can be tailor made to blend perfectly with existing home features.