Cottage Bar Windows- A blend of Classic and Modern Features

With the installation of cottage bar windows, homeowners need not to sacrifice on traditional cozy living as these windows provide modern security and insulation and ensure grace and style to one’s home. The cottage bar windows is a great mix of traditional and contemporary living as they offer modern living comfort, security and charm of country living.

Counting on the unique features of the cottage bar windows, they not only add visual appeal to one’s property but also lasting monetary value. The homeowner can personalise the cottage bar window design as per the character of the property and preferences. You can add elegance and refinement in cottage bar windows with a splash of colours.

The coloured UPVC cottage bar windows enable you to enjoy modern living with traditional appearance. The extensive range of exquisite colours in UPVC windows vary from brilliant white to realistic looking wood grain finish.

The modern busy lifestyle of people allows less time to maintain the home. With rot-free, flake-fee, fade-resistant and rust-free cottage bar windows you need not to worry about window maintenance. The glass used in cottage bar windows is of superior technology that offers protection from draughts and prevents any heat loss. Within a year you will be able to save good pounds in your heating bills.

The new UPVC windows have non corroding multi-point lock system as well as internal glazing features which ensure safety of the room and insulation. The UPVC casement cottage bar windows are fully compliant with British standards for security.

The window arms are locked to make it more secure. You just need to fit glazing beads s to prevent the window glass from intruders. The laminated glass protects enhance the security of your property. These windows are resistant against attempted break-ins allowing peaceful sleep to the homeowner.