Crystalline UPVC windows for your home

The crystalline UPVC windows manufactured by using virgin UPVC looks white forever and do not turn yellow making your home look evergreen new always. The crystalline windows are designed according to the BS4873 & BS7412 requirements. The windows are tough enough and do not sag or bow after installation due to aluminium stiffeners. The stiffeners are far in excess in the windows that help in reinforcing the UPVC window components.

The UPVC windows use Pilkington K glass sealed units that resist any heat transfer. The multichambered window will prevent any heat loss and keep the home warm even in winters. The UPVC windows are not only energy efficient but also secure by the fitted bi-directional shoot bolt locks. The internally beaded windows have key locking espagnolette handles that are available in varied colours so choose your favourite colour for the handle and add to the outlook of the home. The UPVC windows not only resist heat but also external noise to get in and eliminate draughts.

The bay window applications extensively use crystalline windows for toughness and added strength. The structure becomes stronger as well as attractive by using posts and poles reinforced with aluminium. The egress hinges are fitted in the UPVC windows of upstairs bedroom so as to not only protect the home from intruders but also provide easy escape to the family in event of fire.

The people who do not like chunky hip look of crystalline windows can opt for slim line windows for much settled appearance. The crystalline windows are available in leading designs including diamonds, Queen Anne, squares, Stained Glass Overlay and Bevels. The crystalline UPVC windows are available in different styles that include casement and tilt & turn windows.

The tilt and turn windows are preferred by the homeowner as these windows can open inward and can be easily cleaned. You can even customise all or some part of crystalline windows to create your dream home.