Door knobs for UPVC doors

The UPVC doors are energy efficient but the outlook of the UPVC door seems dull as compared to rest of the home. The homeowner can use door accessories like door knobs and door handles to beautify the UPVC door.

The Victorian age homes have classic UPVC doors which look further beautiful by incorporating crystal or glass door knobs. The glass door knobs create elegant and warm appeal in the room and add to the style of your home. The interior designs of different rooms vary so wide range of door knobs can be used to add on the mood of the room. The door knobs are available in different colours making it easier to match the right one for your room as per the furniture and wall colour.

The glass door knob is attached with brass shank that enhances the feel and look of glass knob. These door knobs are made available in different glass patterns like hued amber crystal, octagonal, snowflake, fluted and crystal clear; and in wide variety from round handle plate to lever style plate handle. You can also find matching door knobs as per the classic UPVC door style like Victorian plate brushed nickel, Victorian plate polished brass and any type/colour of Victorian plate. The round crystal, polished brass, polished chrome, antique brass, dummy crystal and crystal octagon door knobs look perfect in the UPVC door

The glass knobs act a perfect choice for your UPVC door, which helps in enhancing the outlook of your home. You can change the look and feel of your home just by changing the door knobs of your UPVC doors. The minor details of the home like door knobs add to the ambience of the home. You can take an expert advice while selecting the right door knob for your UPVC door to get the right knob installed as per the room style.