Essential Keys to Maintain UPVC Windows

UPVC windows are an excellent choice for every UK homeowner and gained a huge popularity since their introduction. These windows helped households to reduce on energy cost and get good insulation against loss of heat and noise. UPVC windows can serve for long if maintained properly.

Make sure to follow these key points on the maintenance of UPVC window.

Do not paint your UPVC window

Painting UPVC window can be a worst idea that might lead to damage. Why to suffer the loss when there is an availability of UPVC windows in many colours and designs. You can select the one providing best colour and design to match your home décor. Make sure you are satisfied with your choice and do not take a hasty decision.

Avoid cleaning of delicate part

The external part of UPVC windows is protected with a special finish so avoid cleaning the delicate part of the windows that may result in scratching. If you really wish to clean, make use of sponge or a soft cloth. This can be the safest way of cleaning with no hazard.

Do not use harsh cleaning agents 

Avoid using cleaning agents that can possibly scratch the surface of UPVC window. If required, use soapy chemical that will not scratch your window.

Wear simple clothes during cleaning process

Try to wear clothes that do not have any zip or other hard accessory as it can be the reason for unnecessary scratch. It is advisable to keep all ornaments away during the cleansing process.

Taking care of preventive measures will ensure the long lasting shine of these windows. It is always better to get the professionals hired for the cleansing task, but if you have decided to do the work all by yourself, make sure your moves are right.