Which Type of Double Glazed UPVC Door Suits Your Home

Double Glazed UPVC doorshave become the top most selection of every UK home and counted as the best standard doors to be installed till date. Top rated features, such as attractivelooks, energy efficiency, cost reduction and excellent insulators make double glazed the most popular variety among UPVC doors.

If you are already aware of the benefits of Double Glazed UPVC doors and planning to add one to your home décor, make sure you select the right type of design. To meet the requirements of every home maker, a lot of designs are made available by the industry. You job is to find the best matched design for your home to turn your property a head turner in the neighbourhood.

Let’s explore on the key features of different varieties ofDouble Glazed UPVC doorsand know which one suits your home style.

Composite Doors

The door slabs of double glazed composite UPVC doorhave glass reinforced plastic (GRP) with the thickness of 48mm. With this unique feature, this variety ensures security, strength and warmth and quickly replacing traditional UPVC doors.

Panel Doors

Catching the attention of homeowners in late 70s, the improvement made in the technology of panel doors with time allowed people to add style and durability to home. Today, this variety is available in different designs and colours equipped with the feature of glass and resin bevels to match the home décor.

Crucifix Doors

The introduction of crucifix doors provided a sense of relief to the homeowners from intruders. The glazing areas of this variety arenarrowed down to four sectionsrather than just one or two thus providing a strong physical blockade against intruders.

Cottage Doors

UPVC cottage doors serve best those homeowners who wish to bring countryside look to the home or reside in the countryside. This kind holds aesthetic look just like traditional cottage door yet employ modern ship lap veneers. But as opposed to traditional cottage door, these modern UPVC cottage doors require less maintenance.

Choose the best kind for your home meeting your preferences and turn home to look a masterpiece.