Get UPVC Bay Windows Installed in Your Home or Conservatories

The box bay windows with a glass roof are used in garden wall or conservatories, and that is why called as garden bay or greenhouse window. The most popular bay windows installed in homes and conservatories are angled bay windows that slant back towards the wall of the house at an angle of around 45 degrees. The majority of the window factory manufacturers offer angled bay windows at an angle of 30 or 45. Some window manufacturers offer bay window at an angle of 60 degrees. The box bay window is the square-the side sash that comes straight from the house at angle of 90 degrees.

The bay windows come in varied sizes that can easily fit in different frames of the conservatories but the standard window size ranges from three feet six inches to ten feet six inches in width, and three feet to six feet six inch in height. It is easy to put in small bay windows but larger ones bring more light into the room and bring more visual impact both inside and outside.

The bay UPVC windows have two insulated glazing panes separated by air space. In case you want more energy efficiency then there are UPVC windows with argon gas between panes. There are also low glazing windows that absorb solar heat in winter season and reflect heat in summer season. In cold weather climate the triple glazing, UPVC windows offer 15 to 25% high-energy efficiency than standard insulated glazing.

Steel cables either bolted below the braces or to the overhead framing support the bay windows. Not every manufacturer offers support cables but you can buy them separately and use them accordingly on bay window. You can get added strength in your UPVC bay windows by steel cables in either home or your conservatories.