Give Wood Effect to Your UPVC Windows

There is no denying from the fact that the UPVC windows are durable, secure and thermally efficient, and homeowners prefer them greatly to save on energy bills. But many a times, lack in styling of UPVC windows makes them less favourite among homeowners. The homeowner due to their white colour does not prefer the UPVC windows and doors, as the colour does not always go well with the home d├ęcor. The people who wish to replace the wooden windows by UPVC double glazed windows have to compromise with style to save on energy bill.

Now the wood effect UPVC windows are available in the market that looks like a part of your home. The wooden finish UPVC windows go well with the outlook of remaining home. You can use the new stylish UPVC windows in conservatories and home, as they look good with new conservatory structure and old home. The original wooden look UPVC windows seem appropriate with home architecture and design.

The UPVC windows are available in light oak, golden oak and rosewood options. The darker option of rosewood also looks appropriate with rich colours of home. The wood effect UPVC windows looks appropriate with home colours as it can be used to add the traditional effect of the home. The wood effect UPVC windows also look appropriate with darker home colours as the contrast enhances the overall home outlook.

The UPVC windows are available with appropriate hinges that help in proper closing and opening of the windows. The standard cantilever hinge is available in stainless steel and there are other two options of hinges. The fire escape opener swings to 90 degrees and helps in easy access for escaping. The other easy clean hinge sash can be moved in open position by pressing two buttons. The sash move in the centre and window can be cleaned easily from both the sides.

The easy clean window hinges and wood effect of windows make the UPVC windows a stylish window with low maintenance.