Guide to UPVC Sliding Patio Doors

The double-glazing sliding UPVC door has a wide glass area to create a dramatic impact in home. The UPVC door comes with 2, 3 and 4 pane options along with internal sliders. The internal beading on fixed and slider glazing panes prevent the removal of glass by thieves. The UPVC door used in patio has easy fit gliding system of 70and 85mm along with low track threshold system. The UPVC door comes with co- extruded weather sealing and low line gasketing.

The four high security hock bolts in the door locks into one piece locking of stainless steel. The locking handle of the door features an anti-pick device to add security in the double glazing sliding door. The outer frame of the door and its opener is steel reinforced to add strength in the door. The door has standard anti-slam and lift devices fitted in the UPVC door for protection from intruders.

You can easily open and close the door due to easy gliding of stainless steel track and rollers. The effortless door movement needs little maintenance so you can use it more often and enjoy garden while sitting in your room. The UPVC doors take up minimum space in your home so preferred in dining area, porch and conservatory.

The glazing units are of 28mm and the door handles are contemporary styled that come in white, chrome, black and gold. One can get worthy wood for UPVC door like, antique oak, rosewood and both one in white. Homeowners can pick specialist colour for the patio door like green, red, blue, black and grey.

If you have a flat window, convert it to UPVC patio door to get the garden close to your room. The homeowner can easily get it installed by the help of the professional, and its safety features will ensure the security of your home.