How to maintain UPVC Windows?

UPVC windowsUPVC Windows has become the most popular choice of people when it comes to home renovation. It is very clear why UPVC windows are preferred over traditional timber and wooden windows. They are durable, energy efficient, light in weight and they do not rot or warp in extreme weather conditions. UPVC windows retain their state with very low maintenance and no painting at all. You can fit UPVC windows in your home and rest assured. Depending on the location of your home, dust and debris particles may get deposited on the windows. Just wipe them soft wet cloth and you are done.

We can elongate their lifetime with few small precautions in cleaning them. Let me give you some tips that you can follow to keep your windows in good state.

  1.     Use proper cleaning material: UPVC is very tough material and can withstand the extreme conditions of weather. It is water and moisture resistant, hence it does not rot. The exterior is protected with a special finish that gives it the smooth finish. Despite of its durability, it can get scratched if it comes in contact with a hard material. Avoid using steel or wool brushes to clean any stain from the windows, instead use soft clothe or sponge to wipe the surface. Using a soft material will make sure that you don’t put any scratch on the surface and make it look dirty.
  2.     Use non-abrasive cleaning agents: Some cleaning agents or liquids come with small particles that are used to scrub out the dirt and debris from the surface. But these particles can cause scratches on the UPVC windows making them look dirty. The best cleaning agent would be soap liquid that will not scratch off the surface. UPVC surfaces are very easy to clean, so you can go to a local supermarket and find a mild cleaning agent specially suited for plastic or UPVC.
  3.     Avoid coating or painting: When you buy UPVC windows, you should be well aware of the fact that they are not meant to be painted. Any coating or paint applied on the surface will not last and will give a messy look. So, UPVC windows should not be painted or coated. To match your house exterior or paint, you can go for UPVC windows available in different colors and patterns. They will never fade away or deteriorate with time.
  4.     Take precaution while cleaning: While cleaning take special precautions. Don’t carry any pointed tool with you as this may accidentally scratch off the UPVC surface. One should also take care of clothes and avoid wearing clothes with hard materials on them like zippers.
  5.     Lubrication: Some UPVC windows are attached with metal hinges, which may sometimes get jammed due to excess moisture or water. This will prevent smooth functioning of the window. In order to avoid these situations oiling can be done. You can put few drops of oil or fluid grease on the hinges to keep them in proper state. This can be once in two months.

All these things are minute but worth taking care of. A small scratch can spoil the beauty of the entire window. So just follow these steps and clean your UPVC windows once or twice in a year, and increase their lifetime.