Install UPVC Window All BY Yourself

It is quite easy to change the window frame in standard brickwork openings. You just need to take out one frame and fit another one of same size into it. There are various companies that offer a variety of window styles for your home and conservatory and in different mediums like upvc. Various upvc windows providers offer windows in their stores or make customised windows after taking the measurements at your home or office.

The new window frames come with an exterior window frame which can be easily screwed in the exterior wall of the building. You can convienently put the window frame in the openings by using the wedges that fit the frame under the sill and you can easily push it against the brickwork. But before using the sill place it horizontally for proper fixing. Thereafter check the angles of the windows like it should be vertically upright.

Now after checking the level of the window uses the wedges to put them in right position in case if needed. At last if you are satisfied by the frame and its fixing in perfect square position then secure the brickwork also. If you want to drill holes in the frame then do it at regular interval so as to penetrate in brickwork easily.

Some of the windows need two fixings on both sides of the upvc window, one at top and other at bottom. You can insert wall plugs by drilling through the brickwork by the help of a masonry bit. You can secure the strip of damp proof course for brickwork by using the mortar mix and thereafter replace the frame for final fixing. Finally while fixing screws on the wall plugs in bricks be sure that the window frame is in level with the spirit level.