Internal Timber Finishes for UPVC windows

When it is about enhancing the outlook of home, UPVC windows should look good both from inside as well as outside. The internal finish of the UPVC windows not only adds character and style to the room but also enhances the theme of the room whether it is bedroom, dining or living room.

The timber hues used in hardwood internal sills as well as surroundings turns your ordinary room into an extraordinary one. The character as well as charm is added in the UPVC windows by smart internal timber finishes.

The internal timber finish of natural ashes is available in light golden colour that not only gives perfect finish to the room windows but also complements the furniture placed in the space. The bold grain timber finish is available in either contoured or bevelled facings. Using the natural ash finish along with varnish gives the fine look to your UPVC windows.

Another great variety is the American cherry window finish available in warm pink tones with distinctive veining. The timber finish suits both contemporary as well as periodic properties. The fine grain finish is available in both contoured and bevelled facings, which is preferably finished with wax.

The Royal Oak is the traditional favourite of the homeowners due to its applicability on all types of property. The Royal Oak hard wearing and fine grained timber finish is available in contoured as well as bevelled facings. The Royal Oak finish must be used with wax to get the fine finish on UPVC windows.

One of the notable features of the Far Eastern Hardwood finish is available in subtle tones. The modern timber finish matches windows and furniture well so compliments any period property. The Far Eastern hardwood finish is also available with either bevelled or contoured facings.

The sills of UPVC windows are quite deep and wide so one can place picture frames, knick knacks and pot plants easily. The homeowner can get perfect finish touch on UPVC windows that looks like natural wood through timber window finish.