Keep Good Care of UPVC door lock

The two greatest USP of UPVC doors are durability and low maintenance but sometimes the changing weather and time might affect the UPVC door lock. To ensure the safety, it is crucial to take proper care of UPVC door lock.

Many a times, it happens that door locks from one side but do not allow complete key turn from the other side. When the central cam of door lock cylinder misaligns, the lock from one side starts slipping. The heavy usage of lock or installation of substandard quality locks might cause this problem. You can replace lock barrel to get perfect locking from both the sides.

Sometimes the door does not lock properly and its handle become stiff as well as keys do not turn. The UPVC door gets out of alignment due to contracting or swelling at different temperature year around. The repeated hanging and slamming of UPVC door also causes misalignment of UPVC door.

The readjustment of UPVC door hinges is the key solution to realign the frame and the lock will operate smoothly. Even deposition of dirt and debris prevents perfect closing of door but by regular cleaning, you can easily prevent the problem.

When the door handle starts getting stiff, take immediate action else the prolonged forceful handle push might put strain on internal lock parts and further can lead to breaking. In case of broken handle, you need to replace back box or complete lock unit to get the handle back in place.

If you have lost door lock keys or door is not opening smoothly, never pressurise the door lock. The UPVC door lock safeguards your home from intruder so avoid over stressing it. In any worn out situation, you just need to call a locksmith who will aid to open the UPVC door smoothly without permanently damaging the door lock.