Latest Guide to UPVC Windows

The growing popularity of UPVC windows has led to the introduction of different styles and varieties in the market. One of the most common and popular ones is double hung window. The double hung windows has main frame and two operable sashes that can open and close in both up as well as down motion. You can either lower down the top sash or move up the lower sash to open the window.

While planning to install UPVC window, homeowners can consider the vinyl window option too. The vinyl windows are the best replacement windows, as no matter how old the windows are they can easily fit in both the conditions. This self-contained unit has built in counter balancing system that helps in replacing the iron weights and old ropes of old construction.

The vinyl double hung windows have different options, including the one with fusion welded mainframe and sashes. The sill of the vinyl window maintains the temperature of the room and prevents any weather disruptions inside the home. When the sash is closed down, the weather stripping bulb seal comes in between. The seal helps to prevent the chilling cold winds to enter in home.

There is a u shaped hospital sill by which the bottom sash is tucked down and below the surface. If your window is square, the draft can easily overlap as the sash recesses by half inch. In case the weather stripping seal is short then also you have a seal.

The security of the window is also considered in the design, as pry bar cannot get jammed under the sash easily. Further, the security laminated glass and double strength glass in the vinyl UPVC windows will ensure the strength of the window. The UPVC windows are not only energy efficient but also safe so it is better to replace UPVC windows in your home.