New UPVC Slider Windows for Rainy Season

Enjoy rainy season with the installation of slider UPVC windows that will keep your room protected from heavy rainfall. You need not to worry of your room getting wet even in heavy rainfall as the slider windows will keep off the rainwater from your home.

In heavy rainfall the conventional face drainage mechanism does not stop the heavy rain showers from coming inside the room. The slider windows have sill, rain track and gradient slope to block the rainwater from coming inside the room.

The window sill fitted in the UPVC windows ensures that rainwater pouring downward flows away from the face of the room. The sill arrangement in UPVC window prevents the air pressure from pushing the rainwater indoors. The rainwater then flows down vertically from the outer wall at some distance.

The rain track is clipped inside the track of window just like dam. It captures the rainwater and drains it out thereby keeping indoors safe. The gradient slope is a track at downward slope of 5 degrees at UPVC window to let accumulated rainwater flow out easily.

The UPVC windows have many notable features to provide thermal insulation to the room and avoid any outflow of rainwater indoors. The new UPVC windows help the homeowner to prevent any rainwater entry in the room. The safeguarding features in UPVC window keep the room protected from rainwater.

With the installation of new UPVC windows, the high-speed flowing rainwater can be prevented from coming indoors. The home remains protected from the rainwater intrusion from windows and you can still enjoy the fresh air by keeping the window open even in heavy rainfall. The UPVC windows are not only energy efficient but also ensure prevention of rainwater in the home irrespective of rain intensity.

So, get installed the new UPVC sliding doors this rainy season and enjoy the weather to maximum.