Replace Your Door Lock Cylinder For Home Security

The increasing number of reports regarding the weakness of UPVC door lock has put the UK homeowners on alarm. The thieves are exploiting the weakness of UPVC door lock and dodge in the house for the purpose of burglary. In the UPVC multipoint locking system, the cylinder area is the most vulnerable one.

The key operation is done through cylinder so if the cylinder is broken then the multipoint lock can be opened easily. Some of the lock manufacturers have come up with a solution by designing a cylinder that snaps only in a predetermined position so the door becomes safer.

The new cylinders are not guaranteed but still they make it difficult for the burglars to get access. Many lock manufacturers have given another option of security devices and cylinder enhancers. The metal is surrounded to the existing cylinder under the door handle, which sandwiches the door and cylinder in place.

So, it becomes impossible for any burglar to remove the broken cylinder in case he dodges the cylinder security by breaking it. You can use cylinder enhancers along with snap safe cylinder for effective prevention against any burglary. Sometimes the wrong cylinder size makes the door more vulnerable for any burglary.

If by any ways your door security cylinder is damaged then use proper size of door cylinder. A door lock cylinder must protrude 2 to 3 mm beyond the door furniture to offer proper safety to the door.

If the house is empty then deadlock doors and fit a door chain to the main door when you are at home. You can also replace the cylinders by fitting secondary bolts in the upvc doors for the safety of rest of the house. So, add safe locks to your doors to get peaceful sleep and enjoy holidays well.