Replacement of UPVC Windows Needs Building Regulations


In 2002, the legal proceedings have decided that it is essential for all UK homeowners to follow the building regulations before replacing any window of their home. This regulation applies in terms of saving energy loss throughout the year.

The building regulation specifies the minimal amount of insulation to be ensured by the replacement window before fitting it in your home. If you wish to sell your property, it has become a prerequisite for the purchaser to verify that installed windows fulfil the building regulations properly.

The measurement of insulation levels are based on U values. The inferior U value indicates the better insulation. The upper U value for replacement of UPVC or wooden widows is 2.0w/m 2k. On the contrary, windows made of aluminium should not have above 2.2 W/m 2K U value.

Two major facts to be adhered from the building regulation:

A certificate in the form of document must verify that the completed work has been done by the FENSA registered person. Another requisite is a certificate being approved from the building control authority.

A self-evaluation process has been opted by the window industry to administer latest window installations referred as Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme (FENSA). If you have selected a window company, make sure that it is authorised with FENSA or else it may not comply with the government regulations.

In case you over cross this regulation, you will be liable to bear the cost against building regulation application. Try to check the over all expenditure from nearer council. The process of approval can take time and completely depends on the building authority.

Before installing or changing your older window with newer one, it is worth to keep building regulation act in mind. You can discuss this process with a legal attorney to know more about this act. It is worth to follow all the regulation proceedings to complete installation task without any legal trouble.