Safe UPVC Windows

The UPVC windows of best quality when installed to the home not only influence the outlook of home but also energy requirements. The style of UPVC windows depends on various factors and by KAT double glazing information sheet in PDF format we can finalise our choice. The self cleaning window panels make the UPVC windows an energy efficient double glazing unit. The building regulations are set regarding the energy efficiency standards of UPVC windows so you will get good quality product for your home.

The fire escape at first floor make home safe for the family while in emergency of fire. The tilt and turn windows act as perfect fore escape as it not only offer adequate ventilation but also easy access to get out of home in event of fire.

The side hung window opening is vent fitted and have egress fire escape hinge. The specialty hinge enables the window to open completely without any restraints. The vent can be moved across which eases the cleaning of window while remaining in room.

The vents opening has automatically lockable handle so when you close the handle it will automatically get locked. You just need to push the button for unlocking the handle so that you can easily open it in event of any fire emergency. There is also a key in every UPVC window to prevent any child access to potentially dangerous first floor windows. This way you can keep the UPVC window locked and also can access it easily in event of fire.

Further you can fit child restrictor hinges in the UPVC windows vent opening. Apart from the child restrictor hinge you can also use alternative bracket in the UPVC window. The tough safety glasses are installed in risky areas specially the ones in close proximity to bath. In case of accidental slipping during bath the tough glass will not break easily and prevent any severe injuries.