Still Wary About UPVC Doors and Windows

Though UPVC doors and windows have marked their own special place in the home improvement list but many UKhomeowners are still thoughtful and clouded with certain doubts pertaining to this variety.

Here are complied detailed yet selective queries for which you are seeking answers for long. Clear your doubts before making the selection and enjoy beautifying your home with UPVC doors and windows.

Why to choose UPVC over other materials?

Since UPVC is an unplasticsied chloride, it provides good insulation against the loss of heat and noise. The material also ensures durability if maintained properly.

Are UPUV windows and doors secured?  

A big YES! The UPVC doors and windows are highly secured. A typical UPVC door consists of upto seven locking points to ensure sound security.

Do these windows and doors meet Australian standards?

UPVC windows and doors have AS standards including AS2047/2048/1288 and quality of energy saving features.

Are UPVC Windows and Doors Expensive?

No. UPVC windows and doors are not at all expensive and available at affordable prices. Plus, you can save your heating and cooling bills by using these windows and doors.

Can UPVC Windows and Doors be used in extreme weather?

Yes, they are good in extreme conditions. Due to non-flammable behaviour, they are perfect for fire risk area. The welded manufacturing is an ideal choice for the wind and rain areas.

What is the class of material?

The quality of material is up to the mark as wood and aluminium that have had been used in Australia for window frames.

Are they easy to clean?

Yes. Cleansing of UPVC doors and windows is effortless. You can wipe it with a wet cloth and get the shiny look with continuing durability.

Why Multi Chamber Construction?

Multi chamber construction ensures the features of wind resistance and water dispersion in UPVC windows.

Are they acceptable in Australian environment?

Yes, as they are designed according to the Australian environment. In UPVC Titanium Oxides ensures the stability of UV rays and gives a warranty against product failure.