Trickle Vents Solve Condensation Threat

Cold winters bring along not only the chilly days and nights but also the problem of condensation. During winter, condensation makes the ventilation impossible, as we cannot keep the windows and doors open. The home chores like washing, cooking and even breathing increase the problem of condensation.

The open windows bring cool air inside which makes the homeowner to close the doors and windows of the home completely. Such situation blocks the homeowner to enjoy fresh air inside the home. To overcome such situation and enjoy proper ventilation at home, trickle vent is the answer.

The UPVC windows installed at home have trickle vents, which can be used in such condition. The slot vents are designed to remove the moisture in the air inside the home and provide background draught free ventilation. Through trickle vent, the home does not get cool down and the problem of ventilation is also solved. You can keep the entire trickle vents open all the time and need not worry about home being chilled, as the temperature of the home remains the same. The trickle vents help in combating the threat of condensation.

If your UPVC window does not have any trickle vents then you can lock some home windows in night vent position. This way the windows will open to small extent and the handle of the window will remain locked. This way the air can move in and out from the home and the lock will safeguard your home from thieves and any intrusion.

The UPVC windows help the homeowner in keeping the inside air fresh without interfering the home temperature. This unique feature is making homeowners to prefer installing UPVC windows not only in conservatory but also in home.