UPVC Door Locking System- Safety comes with Style

The DIY residential door not only compliments your home but also makes it secured. You can choose the UPVC door in any style like white traditional on inside and light rosewood outside the UPVC door. You can also take the complete white, rosewood and oak door option. Along with style, these doors offer great safety to the home.

The DIY residential doors are available with reinforced panels and tough Pilkington ‘K’ glass. Along with that, you can feel safe with a multi-point locking system in the UPVC door. You can also add shoot bolts and hook locks for additional security features of the UPVC door.

The UPVC doors give you peaceful sleep in night with its tough security system. The UPVC doors are fitted with latest multipoint locking systems that prevent the entry of any intruder in home. With six locking points, the new locking system has twin compression rollers, 3 opposing hooks and a dead locking centre bolt. The UPVC doors are made further secured by adding single piece stainless steel keeper bar.

Major insurers approve the locking system of brass and stainless steel so you can rely on the strength of the new locking system. The Master Locksmith’s Association that further adds to the credibility of the locking system endorses the locking system.

You can get complete peace of mind by 10 years of manufacturer’s guarantee which will help in easy maintenance of the UPVC doors. The maintenance of UPVC door just needs simple soap solution and sponge to clean up the UPVC door.

You can search the beautiful and tough UPVC door at the door showroom or online. Different styles available along with security system are quite popular, as the homeowner gets safe home along with beautiful outlook.