UPVC Doors- Guide to New and Improved Coupling Bar

The UPVC doors with side frames have aluminum coupling bars of 7mm that offer wide benefits, including e easy fitting, product aesthetics, security and strength for homeowners.

Earlier 19 mm coupling bar was used on both front as well as back door but used to be clearly visible while joining the frames from both inside and out. However new 7 mm coupling bar will reduce sightlines so both homeowner as well as installer will get the desired results and the door outlook will not be hampered by coupling bar.

The fitters prefer new coupler as new aluminum bar is easily drilled through the door as compared to steel one. The new coupler is not predrilled so the fitters can easily line through onsite which eases installation. After the coupler is secured, the finishing trims can be fixed easily rather than clamping the trims between the frames while bringing the couple together. The new coupling bar will have effective improvement on time taken to install the UPVC door. The new coupling bar can mask minor imperfections due to fixing points.

Irrespective of small size the new coupler is as strong as previous one. The testing of the new coupler has often exceeded the industry benchmarks for being quite tough and strong.

The strong UPVC door prevents any entry of unwanted intruder into your home. Any unwanted entry is strictly avoided by the tough UPVC door with new coupler. The new coupler will improve the outlook of the door and you can easily install any UPVC door in your bedroom. Further the styles and designs available in the UPVC door will help you in selecting the right UPVC door as per the room ambience and interiors.