UPVC Doors with Cool Skin

UPVC doors are heat as well as weather resistant doors with good energy efficiency features. To add to these features now you can use cool skin for UPVC doors. The cool skin is the PVC sheet that is laminated to a decorative heat reflective foil and manufactured and designed for panels of UPVC doors.

The special heat reflective sheet not only reduces absorption of infra red heat from sun but also minimises heat passing from the base.

When compared with other standard PVC sheets the base of the door alone can withstand an extra 20 degrees Celsius. The minimised heat absorption feature of the cool skin makes the UPVC doors more popular among the homeowners. The rooms in the home can get resistance from summer heat and the homeowner as well as other family members can relax comfortably.

The cool skin on UPVC doors offers superior scratch resistance to the doors and despite of any harsh knocks at your door you will still have no scratch on the door. The home with pets and kids can take the benefit of the scratch resistance feature of cool skin and retain the look of their UPVC doors for longer time. The cool skin is CFC as well as lead free so safe for kids who scratch the doors and take their hand in the mouth.

The cool skin also protects the UPVC doors from abrasion which contributes towards the durability of the doors. The highly weather able UPVC doors become more resistant to weather changes after the cool skin used over the UPVC doors.

The cool skin sheets are made of 100% virgin PVC material with no added rework which adds to the efficiency of the cool skin. The fresh material in the cool skin UPVC doors makes the door more appealing. Last but certainly not the least, the cool skin on UPVC doors helps in eliminating bowing, warping and cracking of the door.