UPVC Windows Meeting Your Home Needs

When it is about installing windows, apart from being the good source of light and air, make sure it adds security to the home. The homeowner can enjoy bright sunlight and fresh air while relying on the strength of UPVC windows for security.

The home with multiple floors needs to add more safety features at every level to avoid any mishap.

The first floor room needs a fire escape through tilt and turn UPVC windows that not only offer proper ventilation but also acts as an emergency exit in the event of fire. The side hung open vent is fitted with egress fire escape hinges that ease full opening of vent without any restrains whereas the normal hinge causes strain and does not allow the window to open completely.

The vents have automatically lockable handle, which when moved down is locked automatically. You just need to push simple button to unlock the handle. The handles are even supplied with key that will avoid small kid’s access to dangerous first floor windows. These windows are locked to provide you safety, and in the event of fire, one can escape out easily.

The home with small kids can add extra safety feature of child restrictor hinge to restrict the opening of vent. You can either put in the hinge to open the vent from certain distance or have an alternative bracket in its place.

The tough safety glass is installed in the first floor windows for adding strength to the windows. You can ask the company regarding any queries of window style and installation and get the new upvc window fitted in the home.

Homeowners can add upvc windows in floor to get energy efficiency along with safety. The upvc windows at good height will help in focusing sun light during winter and you can bask easily in the winters inside your home.