UPVC Windows- Safeguard Against Fire

The tragic Camberwell fire has been disappointing and more is the news related with UPVC windows. The media has spread the news about the involvement of UPVC windows in spreading the fire. According to the media, the fire spread rapidly due to the installation of window frames in the building.

But the British Plastics Federation has responded quickly by discarding all the reports regarding the UPVC window frames involvement in spreading the fire. The federation has pointed out that the building windows were not made of UPVC but of steel frames so the material is not involved in the spread of the fire in the building. The immediate action of BPF has disapproved the false claims made by the certain sections of media sensitively and swiftly.

The Building Research Establishment has carried out a series of tests earlier with UPVC frames regarding the risk involved with them for accelerating the development of fire. The Marketing Manager at Euro cell has explained that the fire safety record of the UPVC windows remains unblemished as the window frames were not there in the building.

The UPVC material is not only used in windows but also on doors and cable ducting so the false claims by the national press are wrong that the fire can exacerbate due to material. Such false information not only misguides the investigations regarding the cause of fire but also develops fear among the homeowners with UPVC door and windows installed in their home.

The false news if not disproved at right time then it would have affected the usage of UPVC windows in the building. The UPVC windows are not only energy efficient but also budget friendly. The customers who got wrong impression regarding the safety of the UPVC windows should try to get right information and do not trust false news blindly.