Various Dimensions of UPVC Doors

The UPVC doors have 6 point security lock, double glazing tough glass and reinforced frames. Door shutters of a wide variety can be installed in the UPVC door including single shutter, double shutter, sliding door shutter, pivot hinge opening doors and floor spring door.

The UPVC doors are available in various frame sizes for both internal and WC doors. The door frames have wall thickness of 50mm x 50mm x 2mm with multicavity that is reinforced and welded in corners. The 20mm x 116mm x 1.2mm wall thickness of UPVC multi-cavity section and boarder of 30 x 40 x 2.5mm is reinforced horizontally by 6mm polish MS Rod at 3 places. The corners of UPVC doors are joined by using aluminum corner powder coated hinges on aluminum flats. These UPVC doors are economical so used as internal doors in toilet and bathroom.

Another UPVC door option has wall thickness of 32mm x 150mm x 2.0mm UPVC multi-cavity section with Toung & Groove Jointing method. The door broadly has dimensions of 35mm x 40mm x multi-cavity section which is then reinforced horizontally by using 6mm polish Bar at 3 places. These deluxe doors have good quality and used as internal doors and toilet bath.

Another variety of UPVC door has 50mm x 64mm x 2.5mm UPVC multi-cavity section welded in corners with panels of 20mm x 116mm x 1.2mm dimensions with glass beads and EPDM gaskets. These heavy doors are used in air condition rooms, airtight compartment and bathrooms.

The doors are available in wide a range that includes tilt and turn, inside and outside opening, friction stay, slider and fixed doors.

The UPVC doors of best quality offer long lasting durability that saves energy and money. The other benefits of UPVC door include best features like maintenance free, corrosion proof, eco friendly, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and warping proof.