Why UPVC Windows are replacing Wooden Windows?

Age old wooden windows are now being replaced by the modernized UPVC Windows. There are many reasons behind this transition that we are going to discuss today. Despite the beauty and elegance of wooden windows, homeowners in UK are shifting to UPVC windows majorly because they are more adaptable to the extreme weather conditions prevailing there. Wooden windows tend to swell when they get exposed to excess moisture or water. Thus they don’t withstand humidity.

Overall, the benefits of installing UPVC windows are much more than wooden windows.

Long Lasting: UPVC is a material that does not deteriorate with time. They require very less maintenance and can withstand extreme weather changes. They have an average life span of 30-40 years. So it is more like fit them and forget them. While on the other hand, wooden windows have a very less life span as compared to UPVC Windows.

Weather resistant: Wooden windows undoubtedly look beautiful, but the efforts it takes in its maintenance are also unavoidable. They need to be repainted almost every year as they tend to lose the paint coat in monsoon season. UPVC windows are available in many designs and colors. They require no painting. Unlike wooden windows, UPVC windows do not swell or rot in excess humidity. Wooden windows get jammed or tends to cause difficulty in working or opening when the swell up due to moisture and humidity. UPVC Windows are unaffected by weather conditions and work efficiently throughout the year.

Energy efficiency: Wooden windows let heat pass through the cracks that develops in them eventually making the temperature inside the house too hot or too dry. On the contrary UPVC Windows comes with double glazed glasses that help to keep the heat out and cold air in, or vice versa. Thus it acts as an insulator between the outside and inside temperature. This insulation saves money than would be otherwise used to warm up the house or cool it down in summers. It saves energy and improves the energy efficiency of the house.

Durability: UPVC are flexible and can be molded in almost any shape to form the largest variety of designs. But once molded, they exhibit great strength and durability. UPVC windows do not bend or break easily and can withstand pressure easily.

Cleaning: UPVC windows require very less maintenance and cleaning. They can be cleaned by simply wiping them off with a wet piece of cloth. While wooden windows tend to form moulds in humid climates, UPVC windows does not have any such problem.