Fight against your electric bills with UPVC windows

With today’s economic condition of UK, every other home is facing financial problems in meeting their monthly expenses. Unfortunately, this is not the end. Fuel poverty is coming along. The conventional sources of energy are replenishing fast leaving no options to use. The fuel prices are going high and adding more and more burden to households. If the condition prevails, day is not far when 23 million houses in UK will have to pass winter without heating. Electricity bills have become a part of major expenses of houses. In order to fight against these huge electric bills one has to bring down the use of electricity.

The main reason behind the fuel crisis is liberal use of electricity and fuel. Cheap appliances also add to the problem. Improper insulation causes loss of heat through walls and windows hence 23% of the total energy is wasted in form of heat loss. By performing minor repairs in houses, the energy consumption and efficiency can be dramatically improved.

The best way to improve the energy efficiency of your house is by replacing the traditional old windows with double glazed UPVC windows. The problem with old traditional windows is that they offer very poor insulation. The heater consumes a hell lot of energy in warming up the entire house but this is not enough as the cold air from outside creeps into the house from small creeks and gaps in wooden windows. In order to compensate this loss of warmth, the heaters are turned up to get the desired warmth.  These problems can be easily solved by simply replacing the traditional windows with double glazed UPVC windows.

UPVC window frames are built to stand against rough weather conditions. They are durable and strong. UPVC frames do not rot or crack due to weather changes and maintain the same structure throughout their lifetime. With minimal maintenance they provide maximum insulation. By inhibiting the air transfer it decreases the pressure on the heater and thereby reduces the energy consumption.

Moreover double glazed UPVC windows comes with special glass that does not let the heat escape from the house in summer and also blocks the heat from outside in summer. Glazed glass just adds to the performance of UPVC windows making them more perfect. By installing UPVC windows in your house, you will not only enhance the ambience of your home but also bring down your monthly expenses by cutting the electric bills.

By doing so you are somewhere becoming a part of huge mission to save electricity and fuel. As I told you earlier that the conventional sources of energy are getting depleted and this is the main reason behind constant hike in fuel prices. Taking a small step- making your home energy efficient by installing UPVC windows will indirectly contribute to energy savings. I agree that this will not bring down the fuel price immediately, but being a responsible citizen we are doing our bit. I did mine by telling you about it, you can do yours by following it!