What are these: UPVC and UPVC Windows?

UPVC windows today

Let’s go deep into the making and breaking of UPVC windows today. This is for the new visitors who might not be familiar with this wonderful material. You must have heard about PVC. It stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. In simple words, it is a plastic made up by a chemical process called polymerization and is a polymer (made up of long chain of monomers). This was the chemical side. It is a plastic and has properties like flexibility, durability and elasticity. UPVC is derived from PVC and is another type of polymer. It stands for Un-plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride. UPVC is comparatively rigid than PVC. It had undergone a series of experiments to get this durability and rigidity.  It has finally made its place in the home construction and replacement windows industry.

UPVC is comparatively cheaper than all the other alternatives. This is because it is a plastic and is manufactured through a cheaper process that required only few resources. It is made up of non-toxic materials and hence it is harmless to the environment. As they belong to the plastic family, properties like water resistance, flexibility, durability and weather resistance were inherited. These properties helped them defeat all other alternatives in the windows race.

Wooden windows are considered to be traditional and have been used since our ancestors. But they brought a heap of problems with them. Wooden windows and frames rot in water, hence prolonged exposure to rain can lead them to decay. Moreover, wooden windows also tend to fade away due to sun exposure and swells if not treated properly. Thus they demand regular maintenance to keep them in useable form. They need to be painted once in every two years. Wooden windows should be replaced as soon as they rot or swell because this can pose a danger to security of the house. On the contrary UPVC windows were a break through. They required no maintenance at all. Properties like weather resistant and moisture resistant made them immune to extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, snowfall or heat. There was no chance of rotting, swelling or splitting. They are made up of chemical substances that retains them permanent color so they never fades due to sun light and hence do not require painting.

UPVC windows stand first in the replacement windows options in terms of security, value and looks. Modern house demands well furnished window frames to match their appearance and looks.  UPVC windows are available in a huge variety of designs and patterns. Ranging from wood grain finish to colored windows, they have it all to match the elegance modern house demands.

So this is the auto biography of UPVC windows. Now you know why UPVC windows are better than any other replacement windows. So go and compare quotes to get them in a cheapest price possible.