Why replace when you can repair your UPVC windows?

UPVC windows are so far the best type of windows manufactured. They stand strong for years with very less maintenance demands. But there can be minute problems within these years with the movable parts of the windows. As soon as homeowners come across the crackling sound of the window, the thought of replacing the window scares them. But that’s not the case. UPVC windows can be repaired in most of the cases.

The process of getting UPVC windows repaired will be in phases depending on who should you contact to get them repaired. The very first person or company that you should approach is the installer or company that fitted the windows. If your windows are still under the warranty period, then you can rest assured and see the representative repairing your windows for free. But unfortunately this happens in very less situations. In most of the cases, you will hear that the problematic part is not covered under the warranty or the warranty period is over. At last the person may suggest you to get these windows replaced by the latest UPVC windows in the market. This comes as a shock to the homeowners as they have spent handsome amount o money in installing them at the first place.

Now you can take a glimpse at the phone directory to find some local installers or repairers. If you are fortunate enough you will land onto a list of about 15-30 local UPVC window installers. Give a call to them and let them inspect your property. Most of them will have the spare parts and a minor damage will be repaired on the spot instantly.  But in case your windows are facing problem with a major part then local installers will not be able to solve that. They would ask you to get the part and they will handle the rest.

Here comes the third phase. There are companies in the market that deal with smaller parts of UPVC windows rather than the entire piece. You will have to trace down the company that source the particular part you are having problem with. Once you locate one such company, the rest of the work will be done easily. The main reason behind finding specialized company for a part is that there might be vendors who offer similar parts at cheaper prices but you will land up on the same problem again. So it is advisable to choose original parts and solve the problem for once and all.